People Development


 Whatever our role (social, professional, family...), we share a true interdependence with others and are bent on confronting our differences. Therefore, it is essential that we proactively engage ourselves into making the cooperation with them effective in order to make our common goals a reality.

Research has shown that effective engagement is driven by a series of attitudes, set around the four elements of the engaged Pilot (life Project, Progress, Position, Passion).

Those attitudes are: clarity, responsibility, consistency, openness, trust, win-win and respect.


Our energy, our « fire within », drives the success of our actions, individually and with others… or their failure.

When focusing on ourselves, is our energy driven by a need for self-promotion or by a desire for personal growth?  Are we driven by pride or by humility?

When focusing on others, is our energy driven by a need for self-protection or by a desire to grow with them ? Are we  driven by fear or by love ?

The Heartstyles© workshop, on the basis of a thorough assessment of the type of energy which actually drives our actions and interactions, helps us to make conscious choices and identify practical actions to turn attitudes of pride into behaviors of humility and attitudes of fear into behaviors of love, in order to be a more effective person.

ESSENCE workshop
Beyond the acquired structures of our personality, the contact with our essential being is the most important element for a balanced development of our life. It is crucial to be who we really are, in order to find inner balance and confidence, and develop ourselves towards personal fulfillment. 


Adolescence is a critical time for the development of young people. When looking for answers regarding their position in the world, they must understand that they are the most critical asset to turn their future social, professional and family relationships into a sustainable win-win and make their life a success.


Individual sessions for helping coachees to find their own answers to the specific issues they are struggling with, in order to be more effective in their individual and/or collective actions;